01.12.2017 Using Cloud IDEs for Embedded Development, Part 1

Lately we have been looking at cloud services for software development. Regarding developing web applications, using cloud services for various aspect of the software development process is nothing really new. But we're also interested in IoT and Embedded Development, so we like to find out if that's doable as well.

23.11.2017 Trying out SigFox using Low-Cost Maker Hardware

Lately we’ve examined Arduino’s MKRFOX1200 board to see how it can be programmed and connected to SigFox’ LPWAN network. Thanks to the excellent hardware and software it worked out pretty well and quite fast. In this post, we're looking at another module, the SigFox node from LPWAN.cz.


17.11.2017 Cloud Services for Embedded Agile Development

At ThingForward we're spending quite some time on investigating tools for modern embedded development. Most of our blog posts from the past are focused at tools which are installed locally on a developers desktop. We asked ourselves how many of these tools could be pushed to the cloud - quite many as we found out! This small blog post series will introduce in those tools, how to set them up, connect them together and develop for embedded.


13.11.2017 Automating Static and Dynamic Code Analysis Coverage with PlatformIO

As we are working on our agile-embedded toolchain, additional functionality came to our mind, which should be part of every modern development stack. Automated unit and integration testing is surely part of this, as we introdced in our last blog posts, and PlatformIO is a great tool to automate much of it. This posts topic will be about static code analysis and unit test's code coverage, and how this can be integrated and execute automatically upon each build.