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07.09.2017 Webinar: IoT vs. Web-Security: A quick guide for web-developers to build secure IoT solutions (German) 

“Security” is one of the most discussed challenges in the development of solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).  For this reason, it is critical to build connected devices for the forthcoming wave of digitalisation capable of communicating with each other in a stable and secure way.    

What challenges will you have to overcome in developing secure microdevices and firmware? Which existing Web technologies can be adapted to small devices?   

12.10.2017 Webinar: Blockchains in IoT architectures (German) 

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are becoming mega trends, particularly through the growing use of cryptocurrencies like BitCoin or Ehtereum. These technologies share several interesting characteristics with the Internet of Things (IoT) including e.g. decentralisation and distribution of the processing performance across multiple nodes.