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17. August 2017

Webinar: Agile development of IoT devices (German)

IoT projects are different than standard Web projects. In addition to the implementation of back end systems, the devices themselves must be developed. As a result, designing and building hardware plays a large role in IoT projects. And making changes to hardware is often far more complex than programming new software. To obtain quick results and to react flexibly to new innovations, it makes sense to transfer experiences made with agile development for the web to the embedded domain.  

In our 45-minute webinar we will present real life examples of how agile development make an end-to-end IoT solution (incl. devices) possible. Among other things, issues covered will include: Which of the essential phases and development Strands distinguish agile IoT projects? Which principles are applicable to agile IoT projects? What are the similarities and differences to purely software projects? 

The webinar is free, but participant numbers are limited so please register early.

More information and registration: Xing Event