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13. July 2017

Webinar: Web vs. IoT: Shining a light on the hidden aspects of IoT protocols (German)

The dynamic of the Internet of Things (IoT) will be heavily influenced by interactions between microdevices. Multiple devices need to simultaneously exchange data, either with each other, through gateways, or with API services in the Cloud. Web technologies such as JSON, XML and HTTPS will only have limited applicability.   


How can microdevices with limited performance and energy use communicate effectively? Which transmission standards, radio protocols and transmission mechanisms can be used?


In our 45-minute webinar we will examine the Internet of Things from the perspective of OSI Stacks and define key concepts such as ZigBee, LORA, 868MHz, CoAP, UDP, IPv6, 6LoWPAN within the context of IoT. Participants will receive a comprehensive overview of all components in an IOT solution as well as the possibilities offered by transmission technologies.  


The webinar is free, but participant numbers are limited so please register early.

More information and registration: Xing Event